Gary Lowder : Lead vocals , trumpet, flugel horn, and percussion. A writer ,vocalist, and producer. Nominated by the Carolina Beach Music Association for CD & Song of the year
2012  "COASTIN"

Nominated 2013  Entertainer of the year, male vocalist of the year.
winner *
Awarded 2013 : CD of the year " SOUL THERAPY"
Awarded 2013 : Duet of the year "Private Number" with Marsha Morgan

Former member of the Entertainers, Mark Roberts Band, Legends of Beach. Founding member of the Carolina Breakers.
Harold Smith 
keyboards and vocals

Harold Smith keyboards and vocals

Harold Smith

Multi-talented keyboardist, vocalist, studio producer....

 One of the top keyboard men in our industry and truly an original soul man with an endless repertoire of all genres....

Harold brings the funk & soul to the party with his signature vocals. Nominated 2017 for "Smoothie of the Year" from the Carolina Beach Music Association with his remake of "Sooner or Later"



  • Carlos Perez :
One of the hottest guitar players in the business. Guitarist, vocalist & recording artist.
A veteran player , who has always been in demand in the studio, and live performance.
Carlos brings the passion to the show through his Smokin' Hot guitar solos and his over all stage presence !

Dan Thomas:  Drums and vocals. One of the most in demand percussion men in the business. Producer, arranger. A multitalented musician who has opened for many National acts and has many recording session to his credit .